CA is synonymous with culture, innovative and music. Signz, an Oakland born artist happens to be intrigued with culture, innately innovative and encompassed by music of all different genres. At an early age, producing, writing and rapping was like second nature to him and_MG_9316the signs that his dream would be a reality were as clear as a bell. He calls himself Signz and because of his journey, what a fitting name and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

At birth, coming into this world was a struggle and his endearing mother almost lost her son, but God had other plans. He believes that the complexity of his birth was a sign and that his purpose on this earth is plain and simple, music is life and life is music. “God’s plan is the only plan and I have learned to follow His lead. “As a kid, growing up wasn’t easy and we moved a lot. It seems like I lived all over the Bay, but no matter where I was, music was everywhere,” says Signz. _MG_9357 When different moves are made, different people are met and different styles of music is embraced. That type of eclectic exposure can develop an artistic aura that is quite hypnotic. “It wasn’t always about performing because my first love was football, but during my junior year in high school, it hit me like a ton of bricks, I can do this and I do it well. I would see kids rapping in the hallways, making beats on lockers and competitively spittin’ every word that came out of their mouth,” reflects Signz.

_MG_9232It was his performance at a high school talent show that sealed the deal. He wrote lyrics to a NAS instrumental, “Dead Presidents” and during the first couple of bars, it felt like the building was moving as the crowd stomped and shouted for more. 16 year-old Signz, realized that music was not about race, but that it was the universal language; the language that unites people and suffocates them with love, laughter and fun, as they dance from sunrise to sunset all over the world..

His passion, love and the effect music had on him and others, accelerated, and he began to write lyrics, which was therapeutic for two reasons, it allowed him to express his feelings, which took weight off his shoulders and he believes, the shoulders of others. “The most empsignz1owering thing for me as an artist is to believe that my thoughts changes the lives of people,” says Signz. “I am a songwriter, producer and rapper and that sounds super dope when I say it and even doper, cause I believe it.” When you do something positive, you attract the same. Introducing Tre’Tunes, (songwriter/producer/ rapper) Turf Rock Music Group, an Amour Music company (CEO Armani Sweetwyne aka “Hclass”) is solid as a rock and their pulsating sound, thought provoking lyrics and addictive hooks will captivate audiences from one area of the world to another. While waiting for their explosive debut album, T.R.M.G gives you just a taste, their current single, I’m All That, which is in fact, All That!


Tre Tunes

Signed recording Artist Thomas Lee Murphy, III, AKA “Tre Tunes” was born in San Francisco, California and represents the Bay Area. His nickname Tre’ comes from being the III. He has been in the music industry for over 20 years. He started acting class at age 2 ½. By age 3 he was opening at the Lorraine Hansberry Theater downtown San Francisco for The Young and Gifted Children’s Gospel Choir. He then
proceeded to perform throughout the Bay Area for the following 7 years for Mayoral campaigns, Libraries, Corporations, one major theatre play a year and even participated as talent and production crew for several videos. All of this experience before the age of 10. Tre Tunes also focused on his athletic goals and eventually gave back to the children in the community by coaching elementary and high school youth for 12 years. He states, “I feel the transition from coaching and teaching to inspirational and motivational song writing goes hand in hand. I say that because for every basketball lesson I taught, I would include two life lessons. I’ve always felt that
coaching is a lifelong job – a life coach.” His motto is “Never quit and you will never fail.” Throughout, he continued to work on his flow and learn his music craft. This multi-talented rapper’s influences include Tupac, Mac Dre, and E-40. He considers his rapping style party music but also goal orientated, motivational and inspirational which comes from his coaching. He is currently on SIGNZ’s EP titled “TRL”. Once Tre Tunes has completed his project be on the lookout for his explosive debut. His EP titled “Pre-Season” is scheduled for release in 2016, followed by the album “Coach”.