Our Label

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 2.42.51 PMTurf Rock Music Group (T.R.M.G.) is an independent label with a major appeal and the impact they will have on music will be powerful. Based in the Bay area with the genius vision of CEO, Armani “H Class” Sweetwyne’s and producer extraordinaire, Signz . With more to come is what will set them apart from labels across the globe. You see, when you think of the Bay you think of many things and music is definitely one of the things that you think of, but not just any music; timeless music that makes you say, “WOW!” Although “The Group” is based in the Bay, their turf is International and hit after hit will be “solid as a rock.” Working with B-Legit in Oakland to District in South Africa, the production element of Signz is masterful. “From hip-hop, to R&B to pop, we do it all and there is not a genre of music that we can’t master”, says Signz. “We work well together and no matter what you put in the pot, it’s savoring like gumbo”, add Styles. T.R.M.G. encompasses the souls, creativity and timelessness of all types of music from legends like, Sly & The Family Stone, Grand Central Station, Jefferson Airplane, E-40, Tony Toni Tone, Confunkshun, Journey and the list goes on and on. “That was my vision to have a label that was not only known for the music, but for the history of the Bay, a place where legends began and where legends are remembered all over the world”, says Armani. Signed hip-hop artists, Tre Tunes and will bring a versatile style of hip-hop. Hip-hop is a culture with various flavors and the collaboration of these artists and producers will give you a taste you never imagined. The releases of Tre’ Tunes and Signz will be the first, but not the only; more will follow and the hits will be consistent no matter the genre. Turf Rock Music Group will share with the world, Signz and Armani “H Class” Sweetwyne, the concept of it all, but the core of it all is simply, MUSIC!